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La nostra storia

> 1980

Officine Porcellato was founded when the brothers Bruno and Giovanni, collaborating with the father on the farming activity, decided to build one cabin to install on their own agricultural machine in order to protect themselves from the environmental conditions in the countryside of Treviso.

> 1981


The high quality of the products of the Porcellato Brothers impressed the Area Manager of one big company working on the agricultural machine sector. He commissioned the brothers to build other cabins. That first order gave rise to the the entrepreneurial history of Italcab.

After this first order, other orders started to come from different companies of neighboring cities. This leads to Italcab to start to grow and enlarge the production of high quality cabins.

> 1990


Due to the exponential growth in sales volumes, Italcab begins his exploration in international market, differentiating production towards earth moving, construction and industry.

Parallel production continues to evolve: from the creation of a simple metal casing, to the the production of models characterized by increasing complexity, up to a complete guide modules pursuing goals of high quality, safety and comfort.

> 2005

The integrated warehouse management project was totally implemented: the warehouse management by barcode leads to a precise and fast handling of the material in transit into the warehouse.

> 2006


Italcab celebrates its 25th anniversary with a big company party during which the new production plan has been inaugurated at the presence of all the employees and their families, besides local autorities.

During the celebration the artwork “Metallic Space” of the artist Pino Barillà has been installed and the "Garden of the Philosophers" of the poet Luigi Cerantola were opened.

> 2008

Itacab links its name to the main designer names: in this year new cabins were been produced in co-design with Porsche and Pininfarina.

> 2009

The first cabin complete with barcode identifier has been sold. It allows the full traceability of the product, processes and components.

> 2013

Italcab implements the digitization of the assembly lines; this allows a better quality of the data collected about the development of production and processing, including traceability of main components assembled in each single cabins directly from the terminals positioned within each line.

> 2016

Italcab outdoes the turnover achieved in 2007, for the first time since the 2008-2009 crisis, thanks to its organizational improvements and having more than doubled the cabin models produced.

> 2019

The digital connection between the production processes and the management system is completed in every department.
This achievement eases the management of increasingly complex products and processes in combination with the changes in demand.