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Production process

From project to product

The Italcab flexibility, together with a lean and efficient production process, allows us to satisfy every single Customer’sneed, from the engineering to the final realization of the product.

The innovation of our products could not be reached without the use of a well-integrated and fluid logistic-productive structure.

> Design e ingegnerizzazione

processo produttivo

We work alongside to our clients to develop practical solutions for styling and ergonomics that meet the typical requirements of the market segment to which they belong.

> Prototipazione

processo produttivo

We manufacture the prototype of the project, cabin mock up or fully set up for the final evaluation by the customer and its approval for the next steps related to the mass production.

> Lavorazione carpenteria

processo produttivo

The high quality standard is guaranteed by the purchasing of the best components and technologies used.

The main stages of the production cycle are performed by CNC machines: laser cutting, sheet metal bending and deep-drawing, tube and profile processing, welding.

> Verniciatura

processo produttivo

We employ the best specialized suppliers in specific surface treatment, electroplating, liquid and powder coating to better manage the demands of special or non-standard paining.

> Assemblaggio

processo produttivo

Each activity is done by qualified employees, which operates in accordance with the specifications, drawings and installation instructions.